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Shooting Star Targets for Clay Pigeons

THE FIREBIRD SHOOTING STAR EXPLODING TARGET is 65mm in diameter and is an exciting enhancement to clay pigeon shooting. On impact from a shotgun pellet, the target ignites in order to reflect a direct hit producing a pyrotechnic reaction with white smoke and loud bang. The reaction is effective making it fun for spectators too. Just attach it to the underside of a standard clay using the double-sided high tack tape. It is shallow enough to allow clays to stack in an automatic trap as they would normally. It is most effective when shot as a driven or crossing bird as The Firebird Target will only ignite if you actually hit it! Don’t worry if it falls to the ground un-hit – it will not explode and can be reused.

Each pack contains 10 65mm targets with double sided high tack adhesive affixed to the back. Fix the target into the underside of a standard clay and shoot! The target will ignite with a pyrotechnic effect, white smoke and loud report as a result of a direct hit. It really does make shooting fun and is great for spectators too!

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