Birkenstock Super-Birki Garden Glogs

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  • This compact shoe made from water-resistant and dirt-repellent polyurethane is also oil-and grease-resistant. Its resilience and its hygiene properties make it ideal for kitchens, medical environments, and the food industry – while it can equally serve a

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For those wet, dirty jobs, this style provides long-term comfort because the replaceable cork footbed supports your feet and will mold to your feet over time. Made of tough polyurethane that resists scuffing and grime and washes off easily. Soles are slip-resistant and very durable and long-lasting.

Sizing note: This style is very roomy and doesn't fit like other Birkenstocks. Please check with us if you are in-between sizes.
This is also a 'high volume' style and it can feel too big on some feet. We can snug up the fit with 'spacers' which take up some of the volume.


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