Hults Bruk Aneby Hunting Axe with Duluthe Pack Axe Belt Holder

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  • Overview
  • The Hults Bruk Aneby is a stout medium sized axe made from solid Swedish Steel with an American Hickory handle and comes in this special bundle with a Duluth Pack Axe Belt Holder.

Product details

A fantastic camping or hunting hatchet that is designed to provide significant power and leverage in a small package. Ideal for light forest work, processing kindling and firewood, or felling and bucking small trees. Compact and light enough to go camping or carry long distances, the Aneby can be used comfortably with one hand or both hands. It features Hults Bruk’s Turpentine pattern with a finger notch for detailed carving and has a rounded poll for skinning. The cutting edge is approximately 3.5-inches in length.

Duluth Pack has continuously handcrafted hunting, shooting and outdoor gear in Michigan since 1882. The quality, time-tested craftsmanship & hardware are guaranteed for life. this is a perfect match and a versatile combination – a Hults Bruk Swedish axe paired with a Duluth Pack American-made leather axe holder. Together in one box with a call out.

Note: all Hults Bruk axes are hand forged, so there may be slight variations from axe to axe.

• The axe head is hand forged at the historic Hults Bruk, a forge that has been in operation since 1697.
• Each axe is made from high-quality Swedish axe steel, expertly tempered to hold a very sharp edge even after repeated sharpening.
• Blackened, hand-finished, razor-sharp with a polished edge.
• Curved American hickory handle, sanded, protected with linseed oil and engraved with the HB logo.
• This axe comes with a premium leather sheath, a Duluth Pack hand-crafted leather belt holder, ships with a storage box and detailed user’s manual.

• Total weight: 2.75 lbs
• Head weight: 2 lbs
• Length with Handle: 20"


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