Federal 300 Win Mag 180 Grain Nosler Partition

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  • Federal Premium 300 Winchester Mag 180 Grain Nosler Partition Premium high energy are for hunting in wide open terrain and for larger game that requires additional stopping power. 

Product details

The Nosler® Partition® was the first bullet loaded in the Federal Premium® line, and it continues to be a standard for consistency and reliability. Its partitioned lead core allows the front half of the bullet to mushroom on impact, but keeps the back half intact for deep penetration. Not for use in semi-automatics.

  • World-renowned bullet features a partitioned lead core
  • Front half mushrooms, producing rapid expansion and energy release
  • Back half remains intact, ensuring deep penetration through weight retention
  • Perfect for all big game at close to mid-ranges
  • A portion of the proceeds of each sale of this product go directly to the conservation effort of Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF)


• Caliber: 300 Winchester Magnum
• Bullet Type: Nosler Partition
• Bullet Weight: 180 GR
• Muzzle Energy: 3500 ft lbs
• Muzzle Velocity: 2960 fps
• Rounds/box: 20 Rounds Per Box


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