Hornady SST® (Super Shock Tip) Hunting Bullets

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  • The Hornady® SST® (Super Shock Tip) is designed to deliver tremendous shock on impact while expanding quickly and reliably, particularly at higher velocities.

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Flat shooting and deadly accurate, it's an ideal bullet for whitetails, as well as most North American game animals from antelope to moose and similar-sized African plains game. The SST® creates a devastatingly large wound channel.

The Hornady SST Polymer Tip aids in rapid expansion, allowing for high weight retention, and rapid, positive expansion, even through thick hide and bone. The InterLock feature physically binds the core and jacket, ensuring maximum weight retention. All SST Bullets feature a cannelure for Crimping bullets firmly into their cases.The SST Super Shock Tipped bullet is a Hornady rifle bullet that incorporates a pointed polymer tip that improves ballistic coefficient and increases velocity, accuracy, and down range power. Specially designed jacket grips and controls expanding core, allowing maximum expansion while retaining mass and momentum.



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