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  • The Johnny Stewart Coyote Dog Howler provides a full range of authentic coyote sounds, including yelps, howls, barks and whines. It also produces squalls to lure mountain lions, foxes, bears, bobcats and other predators.

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It has an innovative adjustable sound band with tone slots, and is effective throughout year. This tool is small and portable, allowing you to easily fit it in your pocket to bring on your next big hunting trip. This howler can be heard for miles by predators, luring in plenty of game. The Coyote Dog Howler has a limited lifetime warranty. Johnny Stewart pioneered the most powerful weapon in the war on predators more than 50 years ago. Today, the world's most lethal predator hunters rely on the true wildlife sounds captured by Stewart and his son Gerald over the years- sounds that have led to the demise of countless coyotes, foxes, bobcats, wolves and other varmints since the early 1960s.

• Provides a full range of authentic coyote sounds
• Johnny Stewart CYC-1 Coyote Dog Howler Premium Mouth Call
• Provides a full range of authentic coyote sounds
• Effective for coyote, mountain lion, fox, bear, bobcat & predators


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