Victory V Force Sport 400 Fletched Arrows Each

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  • The Victory Archery VForce Sport Arrows are your low-grade hunting shaft that are perfect for beginners who are worried about crushing a brand new expensive arrow.

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The VForce Sport arrows are still going to have the killer performance and weight as the Elite and Gamer but at a more affordable and less accurate model. When it comes down to it though, you're never going to notice the distance unless you shoot everyday and your shooting out at 60+ yards. Watch your groupings get closer and closer after each shot thanks to Victory's Spine Alignment which increases accuracy and consistency.

Victory V Force Sport Shafts 400 Standard diameter hunting shaft made from high quality carbon composite fibers. Straightness tolerance of +-.006” and weight tolerance of +- 0.5 gr. Available in sizes 350 (8.7 GPI), 400 (8.2 GPI).

Includes nocks and VF 22 gr. inserts. If you would like the shafts cut and /or inserts installed see options below. Correct arrow/shaft length is measured from the throat (String hole) of the nock to the end of the bare shaft, not including point or insert.


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