Allen Gamekeeper Hunting Knife with Gut Hook

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  • Overview
  • The Allen Hunting Knife w/ Gut Hook has been manufactured to be the perfect fixed blade knife for any cutting endeavor wherein a first-rate blade is essential.

Product details

The blade on these Fixed Blade Knives through the professional knifesmiths at Allen are made by using astonishingly strong resources which will preserve a good sharp edge for an amazingly long time prior to having to be honed. The handle located on the Allen Hunting Knife w/ Gut Hook will give you an amazing hold in virtually any circumstance.

Allen has been generating top-of-the-range fixed blade knives for a very long time, and the Allen Hunting Knife w/ Gut Hook is the direct outcome of their tireless initiatives to be sure you enjoy the finest knife attainable.

Features and Specifications 

• Blade Type: Guthook
• Blade Material: Stainless Steel
• Blade Length: 4 in
• Knife Application: Fixed Blade
• Blade Style: Gut Hook


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