Allen Shooting Gallery 4in Steel Gong Target

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  • EZ-Aim™ Steel Gong Target, 4 inch Gong, AR 500 Target at 200 Yards, White Powdercoat for Spotting Hits, Square Holes for Carriage Bolts.

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No other target mounting system is as versatile and scalable as the EZ-Aim Custom Target System! You have the choice between an entry level and deluxe hanging kit, and explore unlimited ways of scaling additional targets to that foundation system. All systems use innovative common mounting brackets sizes and types for adding steel gongs, self-healing gongs and spinners and various paper target formats. The only limiting factor of target exploration is your creativity and imagination.

• Durable Armor Plate Steel.
• Up to 300WM at 200 yards.
• Comes with white powdercoat for spotting hits.
• 8" Round Gong.
• Square holes for carriage bolts.


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