Alliant Reloader Powder

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  • Alliant Powder continues a long and proud tradition of producing America's best and most popular smokeless powders.

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Every container of Alliant smokeless powder is backed by a century of manufacturing experience and the most exacting quality control procedures in the industry. We check and control chemical composition, the shape and size of powder grains, even the propellants' density and porosity. We send samples of every batch to our ballistics lab, testing for burning speed, among other things. Then, after blending batches together for exactly the right ballistic characterisitics, we use our advanced computerized equipment to test again.

Reloder® 15 Smokeless medium rifle:
• Broad calibre range
• Consistent at all temperature
• High velocity varmint loads
• 1 lb. container

Reloder® 17 Smokeless short magnum rifle:
• Designed for short magnum case capacity
• Meters uniformly
• Consistant max velocity in extreme weather conditions
• 1 lb. container

Reloder® 19 Smokeless heavy rifle:
• Powder of choice for .30-06 and .338 calibers
• Excellent metering
• Accurate and consistent
• 1 lb. container

Reloder® 22 Smokeless magnum rifle:
• Powder of choice for 7mm Mag and .300 Win Mag
• Excellent metering
• Accurate and consistent
• 1 lb. container

Reloder® 25 Smokeless heavy magnum rifle:
• Alliant's slowest burning powder
• Maximum velocity
• Ideal for over bore magnums
• 1 lb. container

Reloder® 26 Smokeless magnum rifle:
• EI® technology produces extremely high velocities in magnum cartridges
• Contains proprietary de-coppering additive
• Controlled temperature stability
• 1 lb. container

DANGER!: Smokeless gunpowder is extremely flammable. Keep away from heat, sparks, or open flame. Store in a cool place. Keep out of reach of children.

Shipping Restriction - this item is a dangerous good and must be selected for in store pick up or shipped via ground transportation only. Please contact us directly on (250)-877-7744 to discuss Courier options at customers expense. 


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