Axeon 3xRDS Optic Dot Scope

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  • Overview
  • When you need a dot sight that can adapt to changing light and settings, the Axeon 3XRDS is the choice for you. Easily select the color and brightness on the dot sight on the same turret. The Axeon 3XRDS is an ideal sight for close to medium range target

Product details

The Axeon 3XRDS Dot sight is not your average red dot. Nor is it your average green dot. The Axeon® 3XRDS Dot sight has three color options, red, green, and blue with three brightness setting per color to allow you to adapt the sight to your vision and the various lighting conditions you may find yourself in. The Axeon® 3XRDS Dot Sight easily mounts to standard Picatinny rails, has a generous 30mm 1x field of view and a 5 MOA dot size.




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