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  • Large-scale, custom printed TOPO Maps allow you to choose any map from the Backroad Mapbooks series blown up to a larger scale for an even clearer and more-detailed view of your outdoor recreation area.

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These maps contain all of our industry leading topographic relief and shading, road and trail coverage and adventure POIs at a higher resolution than our other printed products, making them the perfect trip planning tool for your hunting, paddling, hiking or camping adventure.

The Backroad TOPO maps are printed on 61 x 94 cm (24 x 37 inch) paper with scales starting at 1:50,000. The folded maps include the map cover, map key/area indicator and map legend.

Areas Covered:

Smithers - Babine Mtns Prov Park, Chapman Lake, Babine Lake, Smithers, Telkwa, Tanglechair Lake, Telkwa River, Seymour Lake, Huntington, Round Lake
Babine Lake - Rubyrock Lake, Stuart Lake, Babine Lake, Taltapin Lake, Augier Lake, Pinkut Lake, Boer Mtn Rec Area, Pendleton Bay, Yekooche, Sheraton
Hazelton - Gitnadoiks River Prov Park, Skeena River, Exstew River, Terrace, Zymagotitz River, Kitimat, Nechako Centre, Wedeene, DuBose, Thunderbird
Morricetown - Moricetown, Bulkley River, Evelyn, Smithers, Dennis Lake, Zymoetz River, Kitsequicla Lake, Taltzen Lake, Boulder Creek Prov Park, Red Rose
Houston - Houston, Parrot Lakes, Houston, Bulkley River, North Bulkley, Barrett Lake, Walcott, Morice River, Robin Creek, Nadine Mtn
Burns Lake - Babine Lake, Bulkley River, Burns Lake, Maxan Lake, Rose Lake, Wiley, Topley, Pendleton Bay, Endako River, Decker Lake
Kitwanga - Seven Sisters Prov Park, Kitwanga, Ritchie, Pacific, Kleanza Creek Prov Park, Skeena River, Zymoetz River, Kitselas Mtn, Kitselas Canyon, Kitwanga Mtn Prov Park
Lake babine - Babine River Corridor Prov Park, Nilkitkwa River, Sucker Lake, Fort Babine, Babine Lake, Suskwa River, Netalzul Mtn, Camp Lake, Netalzul Meadows Prov Park, French Peak
Meziadin Junction - Meziadin Junction, Hanna-Tintina Conservancy, Bear Glacier Park, Hanna-Tintina Conservancy, Meziadin Lake Park, Meziadin Lake, White River, Nass River, Niska Lakes
Kispiox River - Swan Lake Kispiox River Park, Kispiox River, Kwinageese Lake, Bonney Lake, Jigsaw Lake, Fred Wright Lake, Brown Bear Lake, Swan Lake, Sweetin River
Nass River - Taylor River, Nass River, Kotsinta Creek
Telegraph Creek - Mount Edziza Prov Park, Mowdade Lake, Great Glacier Prov Park, Fowler, Jacksons, Glenora, Telegraph Creek, Stikine River, Chutine River, Buckley Lake
Tatogga/Iskut - Spatsizi Plateau Wilderness Prov Park, Cold Fish Lake, Kinaskan Lake, Tatogga, Iskut, Bob Quinn Lake, Tumeka Lake, Spatsizi Headwaters Prov Park, Klappan River, Stikine River,
Spatsizi Plateau - Spatsizi Plateau Wilderness Prov Park, Fountain Rapids, Tuaton Lake, Happy Lake, Stikine River, Muskwa-Kechika Management Area, Tatlatui Prov Park, Stikine Rover Prov Park, Chukachida River,Spatsizi River
Dease Lake - Dease Lake, Cry Lake, Porter Landing, Good Hope Lake, Jade City, Boulder City, Stikine River, Tanzilla River, McDame, Tuya Mountains Prov Park
Kwadacha - Muskwa-Kechika Management Area, Kwadacha Wilderness Prov Park, Fort Ware, Finlay Russel Protected Area, Finlay River, Stelkuz Lake, Fox Lake, Weissener Lake, Dune Za Keyih Prov Park, Fox River


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