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They say the devil is in the details and that old adage applies here. But it also applies to bullets. There is nothing more devastating to a hunter's success (or enjoyment) than cheap ammunition that under-performs or that performs in the field. Barnes Triple-Shock X Bullets deliver in spades. These truex versions of our popular Triple-Shock bullets retain 100 percent of their original weight and expand instantly on impact, creating four razor sharp petals that penetrate through the toughest bone and tissue with 100% reliability. These bullets are designed for moderate expansion and transient accuracy and are intended for use in all Barnes gauges.

These all-copper bullets have unmatched accuracy, reduced barrel fouling, and increased velocity – making them deadliest, most dependable hunting bullet you can buy.

With all of the benefits of the TSX, these bullets have a polymer tip that boosts B.C. and initiates expansion. The re-engineered nose cavity provides faster expansion and devastating terminal performance.



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