Brunton ADC Wind Handheld Weather Station

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  • Overview
  • Don’t worry about bringing multiple electronics on your expedition, the ADC (Atmospheric Data Centre) can act as your watch, stopwatch, and alarm clock as well.

Product details

Portable and reliable atmospheric data that’s ideal for expeditions, hunting and fishing camps, research projects, flying small aircrafts, speed flying, or sailing, windsurfing and kite boarding.
Ensure all necessary weather data is at your fingertips. The current temperature, wind speed, and wind chill can be displayed while changes and updates allow you to predict any upcoming weather. If you tend to get a bit lost in the moment, a handy chill alarm can be set to go off in case the conditions deteriorate.

• Weather forecast is presented in easy to read icons that indicate improving, slightly cloudy, deteriorating, adverse or stormy weather conditions impending.
• See current temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit as well as a 24-hour Temperature history graph to understand trends; simultaneously see current and minimum wind chill.
• Understand current wind direction and speed to compare against the ideal conditions for your activity and objective. Includes a wind speed alarm.
• Blowing wind feels colder than simple air temp; understanding wind chill can dramatically impact preparations and objectives, especially as the air temperature drops. Also features a wind chill alarm to alert you when conditions deteriorate.
• Day of the week, date, and time at your fingertips. Includes an alarm to get you up and out or to signal critical turn-around times set during pre-planning.
• Race timer mode, is a countdown timer to keep track of a fixed time period.
• A stopwatch function that’s great for competition, cooking, counting heart rates and more, measuring elapsed time,  accumulative elapsed time or lap time and it counts laps, too.
• Waterproof / submersible
• Weight: 2.4 oz
• Dimensions: 4.3x2x0.8"


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