Champion Zombie Visicolor Reactive Sight-In Targets, 6/Pack

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  • Practice your Zombie-stopping skills with this new line-up of fun and engaging reactive targets. Using vivid, movie-quality, digital imagery, no other Zombie targets on the market are quite like them!

Product details

Champion VisiColor Zombie Hostage 6-Pack Shooting targets put you in charge of saving hapless females from brain-hungry zombie hordes. These frightening targets feature photo-realistic zombie mayhem overlaid on huge 18" targets, so you can blast at the soulless undead away with impunity. Don't fire too freely, though, or you risk hitting the hostages.

Successful hits are easy to track on the Champion Zombie targets Hostage Pack; body shots show up in fluorescent yellow, while head shots show you what these zombies' brains are made of with a flash of radiation green. Hit a hostage, however, and these Champion targets give you a white mark of shame. Two sets of three different funny shooting targets (Charlie the Chomper, Hatched Help, and Heavy Metal Defense) are included in the Hostage variety pack, each one a picture of post-apocalyptic terror from Champion Targets & Traps. Defend damsels in flesh-eating distress in your own backyard with the Champion target VisiColor Zombie Hostage target Set.

• Two sets of three different zombie targets
• High resolution VisiColor images put you in the thick of a zombie attack
• Large 18" by 12" target area
• Durable paper targets
• Headshots show up green, body shots show up yellow, missed or hostage shots show up white


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