Allen Vanish Burlap, Mossy Oak Obsession

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  • Overview
  • Conceal yourself in the field with Vanish™ Burlap. You can create a hunting blind with this tough, rugged, long lasting camouflage fabric.

Product details

Conceal yourself in the field with the 54/56-inch tall by 12-foot wide Vanish Burlap by Allen. Constructed from a non-glare, weather resistant fabric, this burlap can be used to form a quick hunting blind, help conceal a tree stand or used as a waterfowl hunting blind that will last season after season. For a lightweight, durable and portable blind making solution choose the Vanish camo burlap for your next hunting trip.

Product Features:
• Designed to break up your shape, shadows, and gear instantly to allow you to move, undetected in your hunting shelter
• Rugged and durable; This burlap is designed to withstand severe hunting weather
• Great for ground blinds, tree stands, and waterfowl blinds
• Glare-free, noise-free and lightweight
• Size: 12-Feet x 54-Inches


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